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Three short films
made by women

2021, January 28th ~ February 3rd

Sundance is upon us, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to be apart of it. The festival has gone digital, and in doing so opened it’s doors to everyone who can’t make the trek to Utah.
We’re working three short films made by badass women all set to premiere on January 28th at 7:00am They can be screened till the end of the festival, on Feb. 3rd.

GNT: Thrush goes viral in an edgy animated short created by and for women, inspired by real conversations between young females. Like Kurt Vonnegut, it makes the taboo welcoming and approachable. Directed by Sara Hirner and Rosemary Vasquez Brown, this shortie but goodie is a hyper colorful look at all of the wonderful and gross parts of being a woman in the modern world.

The Fourfold: It’s a breathtaking, painstaking, painterly, stop-motion animation by Mongolian (and possibly First Nations) Canadian Sundance veteran Alisi Telengut. Her films don’t so much play as evolve. Untold paintings are destroyed in the creation of each of her films with a voice that simultaneously conjures the past while speaking to the future. In an era where stop motion is becoming a lost art form, The Fourfold pushes the medium into bold new pastures.

The Affected: Air travel becomes a political showdown (but not for masks), when an activist learns of a political refugee being deported on his flight. Remarkable, with wildly varying POV’s, The Affected takes a stern look at moral challenges in a world where everyone is just trying to get through their day. Student Oscar winner Rikke Gregersen ( directs this short that holds a light to extraordinary acts of resistance in common settings.

 Platform Media group, January 27th

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